Beware The Dog
Beware The Dog

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, sunny with pleasant temperatures and a mild breeze. My morning walk through the was a bit noisier than normal. Above the music coming from my MP3 player (Two Generations of Brubeck’s Sky Scape for one) came the sounds of many dogs barking.I believe it was because the wind was blowing from a direction unlike the prevailing northwest or southwest. Dogs were catching my scent, unlike their normal mornings spent in oblivion. There was, however, no barking coming from behind the fence in this picture. As I think back, in all of the time we have lived in this neighborhood, I have never heard a dog bark in this place, no matter from what direction the wind is blowing.Either the sign is just a scare tactic, or the dog has been trained to never bark but merely to rip the throat out of anyone who enters the forbidden territory. I vote for the first option.

When I returned to the house I settled in the living room to read and listen to some music. I was in the mood for more jazz so I put in a disc of Miles Davis from the late 1950’s.The whole album seemed so right on this beautiful day with th windows open. One of the songs was Thelonious Monk’s Straight, No Chaser It is hard to not smile when everything feels so good. So I went ahead and smiled.

It was still beautiful in the afternoon but I decided to switch from jazz to something else while I waited for the plumber to arrive. I went to the Rock section of my CD collection and pulled one at random. It was The Beatles’ Rubber Soul. It was probably the weather, but everything that I played sounded like it belonged in this day. No song more than Run For Your Life The Beatles were still playing when the plumber arrived though I had switched to their white album. I believe I detected him swaying under the sink while Julia was playing, but that might have been my imagination. No, he was definitely swaying.

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