What’s with clowns?

Frosty morn
Frosty morn

This is another picture that I took on a cold spring morning. Once again, it looked just as good in black and white as it did in color. The grass is starting to turn green now, so I have hopes for more colorful photos.

I’ll be submitting this picture to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week. She will be posting it Wednesday in Australia (Tuesday here in the States). Check it out for some excellent pictures from around the world.


I started to write a post on coulrophobia, a fear of clowns, but quickly realized that I had very little to say on the matter. Except, it is one of those things that I don’t understand because I have never experienced it. I started to do some Internet research but quickly became confused. For instance, the term coulrophobia has only been in use for a few decades. In fact a few people think that it was made up for the Internet. I saw one statement that said most young children don’t like clowns. When did that start? As far as I can remember, all kids liked clowns when I was young. Perhaps there were a few who didn’t, but I never met them.

Wikipedia, the reservoir of all current knowledge, led me to the term “uncanny valley,” which deals with people’s reactions to robots. More specifically, how lifelike a robot looks. And then I got lost, or bored, and didn’t go on with the reading.

I’ll admit that I want to know more about fear of clowns, but I don’t want to start reading technical papers on the subject. If anyone who experiences¬†coulrophobia is reading this and wants to explain it from your point of view, please¬†¬†fill out the form below and submit it. I will keep your information and comments confidential. If you want to share your comments, just comment as you normally would.