Let’s try this again

Southeast of Romney, northeast of Linden
Southeast of Romney, northeast of Linden

Yesterday morning started out bright and sunny, so I decided to go out and take some cheery pictures. Well, a few minor chores later I got in the car and headed out with my camera. Of course by that time the clouds had rolled in and snow was spitting. There was no accumulation, but still…

I was driving down a dirt road and came up on this scene. The gloom had descended on my spirits, and this shot seemed appropriate to my mood. I offer it to you in hopes that it gives you something to rise above. Isn’t that what many of us do on a daily basis, or is that just me sitting here in the dark hoping for the sun to rise? Are you depressed yet? You can left click on the image above to see the full gloom of the moment, but not the snow flakes.


I’ve written a couple of posts recently on why I haven’t been churning out posts on a more regular basis. The reasons I gave were valid to a point. But the overarching truth is that I don’t have anything to say that seems worth the effort to put into words.

There are things going on in the world that deserve commentary, such as so-called Religious Freedom bill passed by the Indiana legislature and signed by Governor Mike Pence. But you know, so many other people have already written on this subject, and have done it better that I could, that I could not do an adequate job of it. I would probably go down the path of quoting H.L. Menken when he wrote “They themselves, as a practical matter, advocate only certain narrow kinds of liberty — liberty, that is, for the persons they happen to favor. Name calling helps no one, it just enforces one idea and makes enemies of many good people.

And besides, the law was passed by a legislature made up of politicians who were elected by the voting citizens. Whether Indiana’s Voters Rights laws make a difference in the make up of the legislature is, perhaps, a separate issue. I suppose I could write about voter suppression and again quote Menken, Democracy, in fact, is always inventing class distinctions, despite its theoretical abhorrence of them.” I don’t think my writing would change any minds, especially here in Indiana. 

I have to admit that even I, in my darker moods, find Menken’s cynicism and misogynistic statements a bit much. I can grin at many of the things that he wrote, and love the beauty of his written words, but I also love uplifting writing as well…in small doses.

But I stray from my original thesis.

Words aren’t coming easily to my keyboard, and they haven’t for a few months now. I hope that soon they will return because I want to write about two anniversaries, one in April and one in May. Wish me luck.

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