Is it spring yet?

Green leaves please
Green leaves please

I noticed this lovely tree as I was leaving the doctor’s office a few days ago. I was in the building getting still more blood drawn for labs. At times I wonder if they are merely taking so much blood in order to build a stock for vampires. Think about it; a few tubes here, a few tubes there, it all adds up.

But that has nothing to do with the tree. I saw the tree and the brown grass, and thought about how soon everything would be turning green. I’m anticipating that day more this year than I can recall from past years. Oh, please come soon.


I slept with the windows open in the bedroom last night for the first time in months. I may have jumped the gun since it was only fifty degrees outside when I fell asleep, but the freshness in the air was glorious. I’m glad that the wind was not coming from the direction of Tate & Lyle, because that would have put a damper on everything.

I woke up this morning around five, hearing the sound of a train moving through town. The tracks are about a quarter-mile south of our house. Early morning, before people are out in their cars, is the only time I can hear the trains from our house. Cindy doesn’t like the sound of the trains, but I do. When I was growing up outside of Rolling Prairie, I would listen to the trains from my bedroom and be soothed by the sound. The tracks were about a half mile from our house. I would lay in bed, hear the trains, and wonder about what and who they were carrying. What did the engineers, brakemen, and other crew think about while they were rolling through the countryside?

I think that growing up, hearing the trains at night, is what caused me to fall in love with the song Fast Freight when I first heard the Kingston Trio recording. I still have to listen to the song when I play the recording. I hope that you like it.