Wall art #11

Wall art #11

I went downtown the other day looking for more murals to add to my Wall Art series of pictures. The good news is that I found some wonderful murals. The bad news is that they are on alley walls, like this one.

The alley is so narrow that I was unable to back up and get a straight-on shot of the work. I took this picture by backing up from the entrance to the alley. As it was, I had to stand in the street in order to get this much in the shot.

I considered going into the alley and taking photos of sections of the mural so that I could come back home to stitch the sections together. I probably would have, but at the other end of the alley were three guys standing, smoking, talking, and giving me the hairy eyeball as I tried to get this picture. It is likely that they would have just watched me, but, you know, who stands and talks in an alley? I guess I’ve seen too much crime drama.

As I said, I found some other wonderful alley murals. I took pictures of some of the others on angles as I did with this one. With those I used software to fiddle with the perspective and try to make it look like a straight-on shot. Unfortunately the murals were so long that I couldn’t do it without distorting parts of the picture. Also, the end of the mural that was furthest from me when I took the photo, appeared blurred compared to the nearer end.

I’ll be giving more thought to how I can better present these images. They are too good to only be seen by people who peer into alleys.