Movies, a magazine, and a book


Saturday evening is my time to watch movies. Cindy always plays cards with her friends, and there is seldom anything worth watching on regular TV with the exception of an occasional IU basketball game. I started watching early yesterday because Cindy went in and worked before her card game. First up was Diamonds Are Forever, the 7th James Bond movie (not counting the, in my opinion, execrable Casino Royale from 1967), starring Sean Connery. From there I went to the Inspector Morse mystery, The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn. starring John Thaw. Finally I watched a DVD that I had borrowed from our county library, Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is a movie based on a play by Michael Frayn. I believe that it can be found on YouTube, but I like the DVD because it has a section that explains the historical background. Oh, I should tell you that I highly recommend this play. I want to think about it for a while, and then go back and watch it again…probably more than once. I know that while watching it last night I only caught a lot of the surface meaning. It is denser than that.

When I finished watching it I was ready to sit and think deep thoughts. But, I’m not really a deep thinker so instead I read the Bob Dylan interview in AARP Magazine. The article was ostensibly to cover his newest album which contains ten songs from the great American songbook. I shan’t be purchasing that album. I know the songs, and I know Dylan’s voice. It is possible that I would enjoy some of the music, but it doesn’t seem likely.

From that article I went back to reading the autobiography, Who Am I by Pete Townshend. The book is part of the reading challenge that I have set for myself this year (more on that in a soon-to-be post). His humility seems almost as faked as mine is. I mean, can a person (me, not him) who writes about what they did in one evening pretend to be humble?