Near downtown Lafayette

Near downtown Lafayette

I don’t know what it is about this house that I like so much. I just do. I am usually drawn to large, imposing houses, or old farm houses. I am sure that I wouldn’t like living in this place, but I am drawn to it.


Cindy has dubbed me the King of Procrastination, and she is right. OK, she has never said that, but I know she thinks it. In my last post I wrote about my submission to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness and inserted a link to her website. Then I went outside and started shoveling snow. When I came back into the house I completely forgot to send the picture and a link back to Classical Gasbag to Leanne. If you followed the link and wondered why my photo wasn’t included, mark it down to procrastination. I didn’t realize that I had forgotten until I started going through the gallery that was provided in her post.

Here is another example: I have a slew of one line ideas for posts that have been sitting on my smart phone and on paper for so long that I can’t remember what I planned to write. I am sure that there are some perfectly good ideas that have been wasted in this way. Want an example? “England is a parody of mainland Europe.” I have no idea where that thought came from or where I planned on going with it. So I’m laying it out there for you to use as you wish. All I ask is that if you do use it, please let me know that it has been put to good use. In that way I’ll have indication that my procrastination was useful to someone else.

I have plans for posts for two anniversaries this year. In fact I have spent a lot of time sitting and thinking about them. Have I put one word down on paper or in an electronic draft? Are you kidding? Don’t you think that I would rather wait until it is almost too late to get anything ready to post on the proper dates? I shall probably wait until a fear of failure induced adrenalin rush wakes me in the middle of some night and sends me to the keyboard. That is about the only way I can work past my normal procrastination.

It is an exciting life. As the quote goes, “If it weren’t for the last-minute, nothing would get done.”