Dystopian Blues

Dystopian Blues

Does this picture look familiar? It should. I posted it once in black and white, and I posted this colorized image back in August of last year. It is one of my favorite pictures. If you are wondering why I am posting this picture again, read on.

Leanne Cole has been administering the Monochrome Madness post on her blog for one year now. I started submitting pictures long after she had already started the weekly post. I soon became addicted to seeing one of my pictures in the collection each week. Then I realized that some weeks I was submitting less than good pictures just for the sake of submitting something. So I’ve backed down from that stance. This week, however, Leanne has asked us to resubmit our favorite picture that has been published in Monochrome Madness, and to add a gallery of all of our submissions to date. Monochrome Madness will be published on Wednesday down under in Australia (Tuesday in the States). But please check out Leanne’s website because there are always lovely photographs published.

So this week I am knowingly posting the same picture since I started the blog. Choosing which picture I like the best has been difficult. I like some of them because I tried doing something new, such as I did with “Two symbols of Christmas.” I like others for different reasons (You know that I love taking pictures of barns and abandoned buildings). Some I am not fond of, such as “Field and trees” because I settled to just submit something for the sake of submission. I decided to submit “Dystopian Blues” this week because it was a favorite image and it was the first that I submitted to Leanne.

I hope that you enjoy the gallery of pictures. If you want a closer look at any of the pictures, just click on it.