Another spelling bee

Out the window
Out the window

We are getting a heavy snowfall this morning. It has tapered off a bit since I took this picture through the window in our office, and of course there is more light now. Also, having a screen on the window that I’m shooting through causes a lack of clarity. But it is still a better picture than I could take if I went outside. This angle, for one thing, would be impossible to get unless I set up a ladder and climbed onto the snow-covered roof. I’m not going to do that.


Yesterday was the 25th annual Spelling Bee for Literacy in Lafayette. Once again Cindy was the Stage Director while I sat in the audience and enjoyed the bee. It seems like a fair division of labor to me. I made a few notes on things that I thought about while there.

I noticed that a few people, all females and mostly young, hold their hands in what seems an awkward position while standing at the microphone and spelling. They put their weight on the balls of their feet, hold their arms down straight, and splay their hands while bending their wrists upward. I’m sure that they don’t realize that they are doing it. Perhaps it has something to do with nervousness; but that’s mere speculation on my part.

There were a number of Purdue University football players participating; more than in any previous year. I applaud them for taking part in such a worthy undertaking. Before the bee began, they all went on-stage and invited everyone to come up to have pictures taken with them. That was cool for the kids and more than a few of the adults. I was going to say something smart alecky about them because they are from Purdue after all, but that wouldn’t fit into the spirit of this paragraph.

I found out that I have been mispronouncing mellifluous. For some reason I have been pronouncing the word as if the final “l” was reversed with the first “u”. I feel so silly, and I know that it will be difficult for me to break the habit.

One other thing happened before the bee began. I was talking with a person whom I hadn’t seen or talked to for quite some time. I was talking about blogging and following other blogs. I was trying to explain the variety of blogs that are available to read, and after telling him the types that I follow, I came upon a visual explanation. I told him that the blogs that are on my reading list are like riders on a bus. There are similarities among the other riders, but they are all different.