Cold days

Building on a slope
Building on a slope

I took this picture on a side street on my way home from the library. The colors in the building seemed spring-like compared to all of the washed out browns, grays and dirty whites surrounding it. So I jumped at the opportunity to share the building colors. You will understand more as you read on.

We had another small snow fall last night and early this morning. I don’t mind it because I like the snow. But this year the cold temperatures and wind chills are taking their emotional toll on me. I can’t remember this ever happening to me before. I am actually feeling depressed about the winter; even on the days when the sun shines. I need to do something to get out of this funk that I find myself in. That’s why I took a picture of a more colorful building.

Another thing I did was go through my clothes and pick out a canary yellow T-shirt to wear rather than one of my more normal blue or black shirts. And then I turned to the music. Music evokes moods, and I needed something that would bring warmth back to me. Of course, the first song to come to mind was Frank Sinatra’s Summer Wind. I’ll probably be listening to it a lot until spring finally arrives and I can open the windows to let the fresh air in.

The second song that I decided on was by It’s A Beautiful Day Hot Summer Day. It isn’t the happiest song, but it does contain the word Hot, and that is important. Let’s face it, though, a song title doesn’t necessarily cause a mood shift like the actual music can.

So then I went to El Picador by Calexico. I dare you to listen to this music and think cold thoughts. It isn’t going to happen. And I love the band.

There are a few artists who play music that doesn’t trip some kind of musical mood trigger for me. The David Bromberg Band has always lifted my spirits, no matter what time of year or what kind of weather. I came across this concert on YouTube a couple of days ago. The picture quality is poor, it is in mono, and I love the music. If you watch it you’ll see Phoebe Snow come on stage and sing a song with the band. Bromberg isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I prefer warming up with him rather than using a cup of Earl Grey.

Stay warm, my friends.

2 thoughts on “Cold days

    1. Thank you thank you thank you! Perhaps the snow will melt now. Actually, this is supposed to be our third straight of thawing. I want to be able to plant some tulip bulbs soon.

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