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Wall art #9

Wall art #9

I guess that it has been at least a couple of months since I took this photo. I don’t believe that it existed when I took the first group of mural pictures, because I only noticed it shortly before I came back to take this picture. There are still one or two more photos that I’ll get around to posting in the future.


I haven’t posted much lately. There are two major factors behind this dearth of words. 1) I have nothing much to say, and 2) I haven’t been out taking pictures. It happens.

I shouldn’t say that I haven’t been writing, because I have sent a few letters to friends via snail mail. I enjoy writing to individuals, even if it is just in a (formerly) blank note card. Sharing with an individual brings a different satisfaction than I get from posting. There is an intimacy of thought that can’t be duplicated in a post. At this point I’m tempted to say that even if I use the same words in a letter and a post, the intimacy comes with the letter. However, if I wrote that, you would think that I was playing a Borges riff…so I won’t.

As to going out to take pictures, I’ll just mention that the current 26° F (-3° C) is one of the warmer mornings we have experienced in quite a while. I don’t mind snow, but the cold is bothering me more than it used to. I may sneak out today because I have to return a few things to the library. That always gives me an opportunity to travel down a side street or two in search of a picture.