My small photographic breakthrough

Working woman
Working woman

This is a pretty simple picture of a woman ready to work on your nails after she finishes her drink, one supposes. I found this nail file in our family room. I’m not sure where Cindy got it, but it caught my fancy and knew I wanted to photograph it. I set it on the kitchen counter, which is tiled,  and used my cell phone camera. The flash went off when I took the picture, and there was a light flare in the upper left corner. I hate when that happens. So, after having this phone for a few years I decided that it was time to figure out a few things beyond how to make the picture look like an Instagram image. After trying a few different things, I figured out how to turn the flash off. Thus I was able to take this picture. It’s no big deal…except it kinda is for me. Look at me bending technology to my will!

By the way, I took the caption for this photo from the title of a book by Jessica Strang. The full title is Working Women: An Appealing Look at the Appalling Uses and Abuses of the Feminine Form. It was published in the 1980s, but it is now out of print.  If you are interested, I know that it is available on the Internet. There are 90 plus pages filled with photographic examples of the feminine form being used in everything from architecture to household items. I am sure that the photos of nutcrackers bring a mixture of disgust and glee to some of the women who peruse this book. I have a copy of it somewhere in my collection of books, but I’m not sure on which shelf in which bookcase it currently resides.

That’s it for today. I have a Valentine’s Day card that needs a personal touch and a signature. Cindy will be awakening soon and I need to get that chore accomplished. Happy V Day!

2 thoughts on “My small photographic breakthrough

  1. There was a light source above the counter, so a flash wasn’t needed. The card was appreciated, thank you. So was the candy and the tulips. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day also.

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