No Grammy here

Wall Art #8
Wall Art #8

Clint Eastwood in downtown Lafayette. Need I say more? Well, alright, this is my favorite mural in this section of town. That says it all.


I admit in this semi-public forum that I, a music lover, have never watched the Grammy awards on television. I don’t enjoy watching a group of people, whether actors or musical talents or any other group, take so much pleasure congratulating themselves over how wonderful they are. It isn’t seemly. So I don’t watch the Grammy or the Oscar or the Emmy or any other award show. I stopped watching Inside The Actors Studio because of the egos displayed by some of the actors. I guess that in some respects I have a weak stomach.

Having said that, I do believe that some music is worthy of being shown as superior to other music. Outside of jazz  and classical albums, I think that there are very few albums that meet my definition of great. What is my definition? A great album is one where every song makes me stop and listen and enjoy. The enjoy part is very important. These would be the albums I would want with me on a desert island (assuming that I had the means to listen to them). Today I’m going to list three of my all time favorites. I have excluded any “Best Of” and “Greatest Hits” albums because those albums seem like cheating. And truth be told, there are only a few of those types of albums that would be included.

The first album on my list is Linda Ronstadt’s Heart Like A Wheel. Over the years I’ve told a few of my friends that I believe this to be a perfect album. Here is a link to the full album: Listen and appreciate. The album was nominated for a Grammy, but wasn’t a winner. I don’t understand why.

The second of my albums today is L.A. Woman by The Doors. Again, I have a link to the entire album: This was the last album recorded by The Doors before Jim Morrison’s death in Paris. I’ve heard The Doors described as being an American version of The Beatles. I don’t agree. I would compare them to The Rolling Stones, only The Doors were better. Who knows what they could have produced if Morrison could have been lured back into the studio or on tour. Again, this album didn’t win a Grammy. Go figure.

My third album that is worth listening to is Bud & Travis’ Latin Album. I can’t find a complete album link, nor was I able to find a link to my favorite song on the album. Here is another excellent version of the song, Malaguena Salerosa. If you like this song, please search out a Bud & Travis album and listen. If you have a problem with two American white men singing songs from Mexico and other Latin American countries, I understand; but they were my introduction to the music and I haven’t stopped listening. As far as I can determine, Bud & Travis were never nominated for an Emmy.

If you plan on watching the Grammy show, I hope that you enjoy it. Perhaps I’ll slip in a DVD of West Side Story.