Movies I didn’t see

I want to stay in bed
I want to stay in bed

Yes, I know I should get out of bed and go in search of a picture; but it is so warm and comfortable under the covers. If I were bright I would find a way to remove the reflection of the flash that is in the window; but I don’t want to get out of bed to work on it. Besides, it was the blue in the sky that caught my attention. I’m staying in bed for a little while longer.


In the past I’ve told you about books that were advertised in catalogues that I receive in the mail. The other day I opened the mailbox and found a catalogue of DVDs for sale. Some of the movies look quite interesting. Here are a few that caught my eye.

If I spoke Spanish I would be tempted to buy a copy of Las Mujer Murcielago. According to the as copy, this movie is about “A mad scientist (who) is bent on creating a race of superhumans, and only with the glands of wrestlers can he hope to achieve his evil plan. With wrestlers turning up dead all over Acapulco, the mysterious yet voluptuous crime fighter Batwoman is called in to save the city.” Perhaps if I purchase this amazing sounding movie, Cindy will translate the dialogue for me. I wonder if Batman puts in a cameo appearance?

Then there is the classic Girl Boss Revenge. It is described as follows. “A car loaded with delinquent girls is headed to reform school when it crashes and the girls escape to freedom. The girl boss Komasa and her friends seek refuge in Osaka’s hardcore gang territory, only to become currency in a brutal gang transaction. Now, the girls are out for revenge.” I never would have guessed that the girls wouldn’t be safely delivered to reform school. What a surprise! Thank goodness there are English subtitles. Cindy can’t translate Japanese.

One of the more intriguing movies appears to be Blondes Have More Guns“A scarf, a chainsaw, and a mysterious blonde are the only clues to a growing number of stiffs (and not all of them are dead bodies). To solve the case, the police turn to trigger-happy Harry Bates, his partner Dick Smoker, and his faithful dog (who seems to be a guy in a dog suit).” I wonder who wrote the screenplay?

I don’t know how I managed to miss seeing these movies when they were first released. Maybe it was because the first two were released in other countries. I have no excuse for missing Blondes Have More Guns. The library doesn’t have any of these titles in their collection, so I can’t borrow them. I would order these DVDs, but unfortunately I have put myself on a strict budget. I can only sigh and whimper, “If only…”