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C'mon snow, I'm waiting

C’mon snow, I’m waiting

I stepped outside our front door this morning and took this picture with my phone. I know that at first glance it appears to be a monochrome image, but it isn’t. There is a winter snow warning over our local land, but we haven’t had a flake since yesterday. Since I tip-tapped those words, it has begun to snow. It is supposed to get bad later today, so perhaps I’ll be able to do a before and after retrospective of two or three photos. Wouldn’t that be fun? Seriously, I am looking forward to the snow. I am not a football fan, so all of the hoopla over the SUPER BOWL is lost on me. And shouldn’t I be reserving the use of the word hoopla to basketball? It’s something to ponder.


I’ve realized lately that my life has become slightly unbalanced. I blame Classical Gasbag. When I started writing here, three years ago, I was bringing writing back into my life. I don’t mean the nonsense that I had to write as part of my job with the State, or the very occasional letter I would send to a friend, but an attempt to write something that was meaningful to me. I have never attempted to reach a wider reading audience beyond myself. The fact that some other people enjoy reading some of my posts is very gratifying, if unexpected. I have also begun to write more letters to individuals.

When I started posting I was reading a lot of books, though not as many as I had been. After that first year however, my reading time dwindled, until last year when I read fewer books than I ever had before. That’s one of the reasons I gave myself a reading challenge this year, albeit an easily achieved challenge. To meet the challenge I need only read seventeen books. I can do that and add more as well.

I have grown accustomed again to writing on a regular basis. Blogging and letter writing can be addictive. So I need to balance reading with my writing. This probably means that I’ll be writing more about my reading. Lucky you. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be seeing book reports. To be honest, I’m not sure what those writings will be like since I haven’t started one yet.

I’ll keep you posted.