Three years and counting

Wall art #7
Wall art #7

Here is another of the murals in downtown Lafayette. I will admit that I have no clue to what this mural represents, but it is colorful enough to warrant a viewing. I took this picture a few months ago. There are still more murals in that area that I will post pictures of as time goes by. I’m also looking for wall art in other parts of town.


Today marks the start of the fourth year of Classical Gasbag. The concept of what I planned for this blog has changed since I began posting, and I’m sure that it will continue to change. After all, I have changed since I began this project. Change is good.

You may have noticed that I changed the header today. I decided to go with something simpler. I had planned to change the previous header for about a year, but I never seemed to find time to do so. This is another good change.


Our cable went out yesterday around 4:30 p.m. We not only get cable TV, but also use a cable modem for Internet connection. I called the cable company to report the loss and got a recorded message that it was a problem in our area, and that service should be restored at approximately 6:18. That seemed like a very specific time for an approximation. The message went on to suggest watching for updates on the company website. That would have been fine if I could get an Internet connection.

Since I had no plans to watch TV until later that night or to surf the net, I wasn’t overly concerned. I tried the TV at 6:30 to watch the news, but the system wasn’t up yet. I got back on the phone for an update. I got the same canned message except now the expected time for repairs to be complete was 8:10. Well, that would be OK if true. I wanted to watch the IU basketball game against our arch rival, Purdue. The game was scheduled to start at 9.

I checked the TV again at 8:15. The system was still down. This time the recorded message said that it would be down until 10 p.m. Perhaps I could see the second half.

10 p.m. No system. System expected to be up around 11:15. No game for me.

On a whim I checked the TV at 10:20. It was back! Hallelujah! I turned the game on in time to see the last eight minutes or so. IU got trounced. Why did I bother watching?

Welcome to my fourth year of blogging.