Field and trees
Field and trees

This is certainly not the most beautiful picture that I have ever posted; but then neither is it the most boring. It probably comes close to the latter. The picture doesn’t have the qualities that I thought I saw with my eyes when I took it. There seemed to be something, perhaps symbolic, in the fact that one tree stood apart from the rest. In the picture, I don’t see it. In this iteration I’ve grayscaled and sharpened the image, and that has helped a bit. Despite my disappointment in the image, I’m submitting it to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week. You should follow this link to see what all the photography cognoscenti are raving about when they aren’t looking at my submissions.


A young friend told me that there was an annual reading challenge that she was considering. Yes, it is the same friend who told me about NaNoWriMo last year and then found her life too busy to participate. But I Googled 2015 Writing Challenge and found that there were many to choose from. Even the WWE has an annual reading challenge. Well, I looked through some of them and decided that they were all asking for more reading than I was ready to commit to. Maybe next year. However, I did decide to challenge myself on a lesser scale, and my challenge pretty much fits into what I had planned earlier, with a few additions.

Here is the challenge that I’ve set for myself (the ones in red font are additions to my previous plans).

1. Finish a book that you started but gave up on before finishing.

2. Read a graphic novel.

3. Read an author whom you have never read before.

4. Read a biography or an autobiography.

5. Read a book that a friend recommended.

6. Read a Romance novel.

7. Read a mystery.

8. Read a book on a historical subject.

9. Read a science fiction or fantasy novel.

10. Read one book published in each decade that you have been alive.

One clarification: You can’t count one book more than once. For instance, If I read Who Am I by Pete Townshend, I can count it as either an autobiography or a book published in the 20teens, but not both.

I would like to know if you are taking up a reading challenge this year. You may even try my easy one. I would also like to know how you do with the challenge. You can use the form below to contact me, or you can simply Comment.

Happy reading!

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