You are warned

The Wabash from a one lane bridge
The Wabash from a one lane bridge

This is another of the pictures that I took when I was out driving, enjoying the winter from the confines of a warm car. A little known fact: I’m lazy. Many of the pictures that I take for Classical Gasbag are taken from the front seat of my car. If I come across a scene that catches my fancy, I’ll stop the car when possible, roll down the front window, and point the camera in the general direction and take a snap or two. When I get home I upload the pictures to our PC or our laptop, and play around with them in a photo editing program. Some of the photos are easier to work with than others. This probably counts as my first secret revealed for the year.


 I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned in a past post or two that I have Type 2 Diabetes. The medication that I take for it has an unfortunate side effect of occasionally sending me into our “throne room,” to treat the subject delicately, off and on for hours at a time. It can happen at any hour of the day, but for me it usually happens in the middle of the night. This morning around 1 a.m. my body woke me up with an urgent summons to that porcelain fitted room. While I was sitting there I decided to check my smart phone for any new emails, and I found a long one from a friend in India. Among the many topics she covered, she asked how I choose which television shows and TV based DVDs I watch. That may turn out to be a long measured response for my responding email, but keep her question in mind.

I was awake, and between bouts, so I turned on the TV and decided to go to the On Demand function and watch the first episode of a new show, The Librarians. I had seen the trailer for the show and had recognized two of the stars, Rebecca Romijn and Christian Kane. This new series is a spin-off from a series of Made-for-TV movies. Three things about the first episode caught my attention and is a partial answer to my friend.

1) Obviously Rebecca Romijn caught my attention. I knew her not only from the one season TV show King and Maxwell, and more obviously the first three X-Men movies (she played Mystique), but also (and most impressively) her stints as a Sports Illustrated  swimsuit model. Some images are forever.

2) Christian Kane is an actor that I best know from Leverage which was one of my favorite TV series from recent years. It lasted for five seasons and I wish it had lasted longer. I encourage you to get the DVD sets if you haven’t seen the show. More on Leverage in a bit. I also remember Mr. Kane from his days working on Angel, the spinoff from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

3) The name Dean Devlin caught my eye in the end credits as Executive Producer and Director. Mr. Devlin had also been a producer and director of Leverage. While watching the first episode I noticed that there was at least one similarity to Leverage in that there were four characters, including Romijn’s and Kane’s, who had specific skill sets that were useful to the team as a whole. Come to think of it, the characters in the new show Scorpion are also are like that; and if you reach way back you can cite the comic book The Fantastic Four with a similar conceit.

So I’ll continue watching this show, at least for a while because I recognize similarities that appeal to me. That is one thing that helps me choose shows that I watch.

I warned you…but I didn’t go down the rabbit hole of making connections from the other shows that I mentioned, like Buffy, to the movie of the same name but a different star, to the movie The Phantom, or to the TV show Grimm, or…well a bunch of connections that filled my mind last night.

Did I mention that Matt Frewer was in the show, you know Max HeadroomEureka, and Orphan Black to name a few. Go forth and make you own connections.