Wall non-art #1
Wall non-art #1

You may think that this is a very blah type picture, but I see it as the second in a sequence of pictures. The first in the sequence was posted on October 30, 2014. I’ll be going back to this location every month or so to see if art once again happens there. I hope that it does. If it does, there will be a new picture in the sequence.


Some background: Our local newspaper prints a special run with mostly ads once a week. They put it in a distinctive orange plastic sleeve and, in our neighborhood, drop it freely on the end of the individual driveways. When I looked out of the living room window this morning I saw one in our driveway.

A couple of hours later I heard our doorbell ring, and when I went to answer it I found two young girls. I would estimate their ages at around seven and five. They had a little red wagon with them filled with the papers in orange plastic sleeves. The elder of the girls asked me, “Would you like to buy today’s paper for 50¢?”

I looked down the driveway and saw that it no longer harbored a free paper. I guessed at where it now resided. “No, thanks,” I responded.

They both smiled and turned to go. As I was closing the door the oldest turned back and asked, “Oh, yeah, would you like to donate to the animal shelter today?”

I want to think that the young entrepeneurs planned on giving the proceeds of any sales to the animal shelter, but the cynic in me wonders if they were just honing their capitalistic skills early in life. I won’t be surprised if in a couple of years I find them back at my font door selling magazine subscriptions, if there are any print magazines still in existence.


I’m heading back north tomorrow to spend more time with my mother. It is always an interesting experience. Perhaps I’ll write about it when I return; or perhaps not.


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