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Sunlight through the trees 2
Sunlight through the trees 2

I used the color version of this photo in my most recent post, but decided to make it monochrome for a different look at the subject. To be honest, I prefer the color version but like this one as well. I added some color because the straight black and white looked just too drab. I’m submitting this picture to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness post for this week.


Upon reflection, in the mirror, I believe that my beard is growing whiter. It hasn’t been that many years since I sported a full beard. I had it for around twenty years, and I watched it change from a mostly black beard to a white beard, when there weren’t soup stains in it. I thought that I resembled George “Gabby” Hayes. The young among you may want to Google him. At any rate, back before I removed the beard, it was white with gray roots. I’m not sure how that worked. Now, when I have stubble growing in I see that even the beard’s roots are white, and I look even more grizzled than I had in the past. I have nothing profound to say about this turn of events; it is just an observation.


 Just when you thought it was safe to read Classical Gasbag and not be reminded of my NaNoWriMo novel, Gotcha! A (small) number of people have asked me if I plan to publish it. The short answer is “No.” I don’t think that it is anywhere near good enough to inflict on people.

The few people who have had access to the completed draft have remained silent; whether from bewilderment at the text, or inability to actually read it through, or perhaps just a kindness via silence. I did spend a few wistful moments considering the possible review blurbs that might be printed on the back of the dust jacket. These came to mind:

    “What the…”

   “…extraordinarily mundane…”

   “Polly and Wally lost their doodle today.”

   “…more fun than having your ‘nads removed…”

Well, you get the gist of it. Perhaps with a lot of work, and many more words, I would consider it; but not as it is today. 

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