Young year – Youngbloods

What the???
What the???

I took this picture last night. Maely isn’t quite sure what this Christmas present is. To be honest, neither am I. It was something that Cindy’s friend bought her. Maely seems to be at a point in her life where she is trying to convey her feelings through actress like facial expressions.

This photo is my submission to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness this week. I hope that you check out all the of the fine pictures that she has on her site.

In case you’re wondering why she is unwrapping gifts in January, she was in Florida with her parents over Christmas. I think that this is our last gift exchange for this season except when I take presents to Mom next week. Tomorrow I can finally start taking the tree down. Yeah! Oh, and I can put away all of the Holiday music for another ten or eleven months. It’s time to play some Youngbloods. I’m ready to start a new year.


Get Together was the biggest hit that the Youngbloods had, but they also recorded some other excellent songs. This isn’t the happiest song they ever recorded, but it is a good one.

I also like the song Sunlight.

And then there are the fun songs.

I know. There isn’t much in the way of content today, but I was able to share some of the music that I love. If you like these songs, there are others available on YouTube. Another of my favorites is Grizzly Bear. Find it and listen to it if you’ve a mind to.