Two black ties

Two black ties

I know that I said I was taking a break from blogging, but the topic seemed important to me; and the idea for the picture came to me around 3:30 a.m. today. Believe me; now I am taking a break.


I currently own two black ties. I have owned two other black ties in the past. I bought my first black tie in the 1960’s. It was narrower than the tie in the right side of this picture. Narrow ties were cool back then. Find a picture of Robert Culp in an episode of I Spy and you’ll see what I mean. I loaned that tie to a guy who wanted to wear it during a big first date he was having with a pretty college girl. I don’t know if he got lucky with her because he joined the army the next day and I never saw him, or my tie, again.

I purchased my second black tie in the early 1970’s, after I got out of the army. It was about the same width as the tie on the left in this picture. I didn’t wear it often; but I thought it looked good when I did wear it.

Yesterday I wore the fatter tie in this picture. I only wear one of my black ties now when I go to a funeral. It feels as if I have been wearing one or the other of these ties way too often. I wore it yesterday for the funeral of Cindy’s mother, Flo. I’ve mentioned Flo a number of times in Classical Gasbag over the years. Usually I mention some of the comical things she has said or done. I stopped doing that awhile back because her health was failing.

Now Flo’s health has been failing, and then rallying back, for a long time. I often said to Cindy, and I believed it, that Flo was likely to outlive us both. But this time she didn’t rally back. And that is sad.

I realize that, for me, a period of reevaluation occurs concerning a person when they die. I’m starting that process with Flo. She and I were never close, even though Cindy and I have been married almost a quarter of a century. I never found Flo to be an easy person to like. But many other people found her very easy to like. That says to me that I had a problem, not others. As I say, I’m starting my reevaluation.

Maybe it isn’t too late for me to become a better person. I’m trying.


The funeral home gave Cindy a bag that contained the extra funeral programs, a couple laminated obituaries, a DVD of the pictures we supplied, and the guest book. Oh, and a Christmas tree ornament with the funeral home logo on it. That ornament will never be hung on our tree. Even I recognize some things as being tacky.