My mistake & a rant

Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods

I haven’t taken any pictures lately, except for the puppy in yesterday’s post, and a picture that I will be using in next week’s Monochrome Madness. So, for today, I went through some pictures that I took many years ago with my Minolta 35 mm camera that was loaded with Kodachrome film. This is a picture from The Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The sky was a brilliant blue that contrasted to the red tinged rocks. So, of course, I scanned the photo and then grayscaled the image. I like the way it turned out, though the original color photo is one of my favorites.

I had planned to submit this image for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness, but I got busy doing other things and forgot to send to Leanne. Oh, well. I know that I’ve said it before, but Leanne’s website is well worth your time if you enjoy looking at fine photographs.


When I got up this morning and turned the television on to watch my normal news and commentary station, I was treated to a BREAKING NEWS story that had evidently been breaking at that point for thirteen hours. It was a slow break. It was also, evidently, the only news worth covering because the story went on for around forty-five minutes, including pauses for commercials, before I became so disgusted that I turned the TV off.

Of course I’m talking about the hostage situation in Sydney, Australia. I am not trying to downplay the seriousness of that situation, but I do believe that the coverage that I was watching was over the top. For me, it began when I noticed that the female co-host of the program was speaking with a voice that was pitched about a half octave lower than normal, speaking with a deliberate, authoritative emphasis.

At one point she interviewed, by telephone, a woman who was in Sydney, and who described how everything was quiet and empty within the area cordoned off by the police, but outside that area traffic was normal and people were going about their normal business. After that interview they broke for commercials, but not before the female co-host teased their return with words along the lines of “When we come back, more from the panic filled city!”

At another point in the broadcast she paused in her Sydney coverage to allow another newsreader to bring in a story about a hostage situation in Belgium. He ended his story with a statement from the police in Belgium saying that it appeared to be a domestic issue, not related what was happening in Sydney. With that, our intrepid co-host shrugged that story off as only being domestic. It gave the impression that the lives of people being threatened by someone other than a terrorist aren’t as important.

It’s good that I waited a few hours before starting this post, because if I had started it earlier, I might have written things that I would later regret. As it stands now, the situation has ended. Despite all of the speculation that was floated on TV this morning, it seems unlikely that this situation was larger than one man who was doing this on his own.

2 thoughts on “My mistake & a rant

  1. We had a situation in Bangalore where a pipe bomb went off on what is considered one of the big shopping streets here. It, unfortunately, killed a woman. But the bomb was placed in a place where it couldn’t have been as destructive, it went off on a Sunday night where there were barely any people around leading us to assume it was just put there to cause fear. But of course the first reaction was, erm, ISIS! Turns out it was a 17 year old jackass!

  2. What bothers me most in these situations is that the people we depend upon to bring us the news have turned into people who speculate (often incorrectly) about what MIGHT be happening, rather than sticking to what is known.

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