Meet Macon

Mmm! Rug tastes good!
Mmm! Rug tastes good!

We all still miss Trina’s dog, Marlin, but this little feller is bringing a lot of smiles to our faces. Today is our first chance to doggie-sit with Macon. He is from the same bloodline as Marlin, so there are a lot of similarities. Macon seems a little friskier than Marlin did at his age. For example, Marlin liked to attack my shoelaces, and so does Macon, but Marlin waited until I was wearing the shoes; Macon attacked when I tried to tie the laces. I took him outside for his first visit to the backyard. I wish there had been a squirrel there so I could see if Macon disliked them as much as Marlin.

I’ve already started taking pictures and short videos. I often said that I had more pictures of Marlin on my phone than I did of the grandkids. Macon may soon outstrip Marlin in the number count. Let’s face it, puppies are the cutest little critters.

It seems like I’ve spent a good part of the afternoon letting Macon chew and lick on my fingers. Maybe it was the cold pizza I ate earlier.

Anyway, he has already worked his way into our hearts. I think we’ll be seeing more of him in the future.