Some more little things

Crooked picture
Crooked picture

This picture drives me crazy! One of the things that drive me up the wall is a picture that is hanging crooked on the wall. So what did I do? Why I took a picture of just such a picture. I must be in the mood to torment myself. Perhaps I should make a print of this picture and hang it next to the one on the wall and take a picture of that for some weird sort of self-referential statement. Or, perhaps not. And I also dislike the flash reflection on the picture, but I’m not smart enough to know how to get rid of it. More about the crooked picture a couple of paragraphs down.


This post was going to be part of the one I did yesterday, but I’ve been told that some of my posts are too long. That’s the reason I often break them into multiple posts.

The first little thing that got me going yesterday was that when I turned the TV on in the bedroom to watch the morning news, the TV wasn’t working. Before trying to fix it I went downstairs for coffee and to check on whether the TV in the family room was working. It was. So I returned to the bedroom and rebooted the black box (unplug for 30 seconds, plug it back in). Nothing was corrected. Next I unplugged everything from the power strip (TV, black box, DVD player, and stereo) and left them unplugged for a minute before plugging everything back in. Nothing was corrected. Next I tried unplugging the power strip from the wall for two minutes. That’s when I knocked the picture from the wall. I haven’t been able to hang it straight since then. By the way, the power strip wasn’t the problem either. I forgot about the TV and tried to re-hang the picture for half an hour, never getting it straight. And the TV? Somehow the HDMI input plug had been knocked loose from the back of the TV. Once I gave up on rebooting everything it took me about 2 minutes to figure out what was wrong, and to correct it.

The tree is decorated in time for our party tomorrow night, though the bottommost string of lights still isn’t working (check yesterday’s post for an explanation). You can’t tell if you’re looking in from the street, and I’m hoping nobody notices from inside. That’s one thing I can let go of. But not a crooked picture. I’ll be going back to that when I publish this post.