1st snowfall of the season

1st snowfall of the season

I took this picture a few weeks ago when we had our first measurable snowfall of the season. I had gone out to pick up a pizza because our favorite place in town doesn’t deliver. They were having a slow business night, and this was the only other car near mine.

I wanted to take a picture of the snow falling around a light pole, and took this one as an afterthought. When I got home and looked at the shots on the PC, I decided that this was a better picture. By the way, this is the color shot. I’ll be submitting it to Leanne Cole’s blog for her weekly Monochrome Madness. Please check out her website if you enjoy excellent photography.


This morning I was listening to a commentator on television who was enraged that five St. Louis Rams players emerged onto the playing field yesterday raising their hands in the gesture that has become synonymous with the controversy around the shooting of an unarmed teenaged boy in Missouri by a policeman.

My feelings about the rights and the wrongs of the shooting don’t matter. My feelings about the commentator don’t matter. What matters to me is the feeling that, to a large number of people, the football players don’t have a First Amendment right to free speech. I understand that the St. Louis Police Officer’s Association issued a statement condemning the players actions. The Association was exercising their speech rights when they did so.

The actions by both the players and the Association remind me of Tommie Smith and John Carlos in 1968 when they gave the Black Power salute during their medal ceremony during the Olympics. They were condemned for their actions by the head of the International Olympic Committee and a number of writers and commentators. It isn’t a perfect parallel, yet it is another case of black athletes making a silent statement in a public forum, and being condemned for it by predominantly white men.

Of course, that’s just my view. If you disagree that’s your right.