It’s a derelict

Roadside shed
Roadside shed

I was driving down a dirt road in the county a couple of weeks ago, and came across this derelict shed. I thought that it would make a good picture for Classical Gasbag, but when I got home and uploaded it to the PC it just looked too drab. Then I tried grayscaling it, and it looked better. I played around with brightening and darkening (sorry, I didn’t keep track of my experiments) and came up with this image. It isn’t my favorite picture, but I like it enough to submit for Monochrome Madness this week.

Leanne puts together a gallery of monochrome pictures submitted from all over the world and publishes it on her website on Wednesdays (In Australia). During the rest of the week she blogs about her personal projects accompanied my many lovely pictures. She also introduces other photographers and their work. I always take time from my reading and writing when I’m alerted that a new post from her is available. For me it is a time to relax and enjoy the beauty of time standing still in the form of photographs.

Have a wonderful week.