Intrusive thoughts

Peaceful day
Peaceful day

It has been two weeks since I took this picture. I almost overlooked it when I started concentrating on the wall art photos. I took the picture to show that the leaves were turning. By now I would guess that these trees have no more green leaves, and that most of the leaves have hit the ground.


It was an early morning for me today. I woke up around 2 a.m., as many older men are wont to do. Instead of falling back asleep after my trip to relieve myself I made the mistake of looking at my smart phone and saw that there were a number of new emails. One of them was from a young woman in India who liked the photos I had taken of the cornfield over the growing and harvest season. I thought she might since she thought the series of photos was a good idea after my first posting last spring. She now suggested that I should put together a year’s worth of photos of the corn field as a form of slow time-lapse images. Rather than sleeping, I spent the next few hours thinking about that suggestion. What follows is my thought process early this morning.

I can’t use the pictures that I already took because they are all of the same field but I didn’t take the pictures from the same place and at the same angle. I would need to pick a point, such as the twelfth fence post from the southern edge of the field, and point the camera due west, which means that I would need to take a compass…no wait, I have a compass app on my smart phone so I could use that, but do I want to only take pictures on sunny days or overcast days to offer a greater sense of continuity. Wow, this reminds me of the Midsomer Mystery episode that involved a photography club where the first murder victim had been taking pictures of one tree over the period of years and another of the members had set up his camera on the sidewalk to take the same picture of the street in front of his shop every day for decades…what was the name of that episode? Would a series of pictures of a tree be more interesting than a corn field? Would one picture a month be the right number? Maybe I should do one or two shots a week; then I could print hard copies of the pictures and put them together in book form so that you could riffle the pages and have the illusion of a moving picture. What do they call those books? Riffle books doesn’t sound right…Tijuana Bibles? NO, DEFINITELY NOT TIJUANA BIBLES…flip books, yes flip books! And then I could print one and send it off to India. 

So then I fought off the urge to get out of bed and go to the computer in order to respond to the suggestion. I realized that any response I sent would have to be in the form of a post rather than a mere response. Besides, I don’t know if I will give in to the compulsion to take on that project, because should I start now or wait until January, and…Stop those intrusive thoughts!

Instead, I turned the lights back on, found my notebook and pen, and started jotting down ideas for this post. I had planned on writing something else today. Maybe tomorrow.


A quote about compulsion

Only work which is the product of inner compulsion can have spiritual meaning.

– Walter Gropius

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