Art outside the gallery

Wall art #1
Wall art #1

When I left the library yesterday I took a route home that I seldom use. I saw a mural that I had not noticed before; though it has probably been there for more than a year. This mural was celebrating the Day to Disconnect, which was March 1st in 2013. I had to stop and take this picture. Later on Tuesday I drove downtown and found more wall art.I took pictures and will post them on subsequent days.


I took Cindy’s car in for servicing last week. I do that so she won’t have to take off work and, I suspect, so that she won’t have to sit idly in the waiting area of the dealership. Cindy wants to be in complete control of her idleness, thus I take the car in.

This dealership waiting area is different from many because it is open, spacious, has a large screen TV (not playing Fox News), and has coffee, cocoa and water. The only disconcerting thing is that they have Christian Rock playing on the sound system. Even that wouldn’t be bad (I can ignore a lot); but I find it bothersome when the sales staff starts singing along to the music. At least they didn’t have choreographed dance moves.


On a happier musical note, I popped a Three Dog Night CD in the machine this morning to help the creative juices flow to my fingertips. It was working well until this song came on and I had to stop to listen. Hoyt Axton wrote some great songs.This is one of my favorites.

I hope the song brings a smile to your face for the weekend.

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