Marlon, or is it Marlin?
Marlon, or is it Marlin?

I realize that every time I write about Marlon I ask myself if his name is spelled Marlin or Marlon. Logic tells me that it should be Marlon because he was named for Marlon Brando, but I’m not sure that Trina checked how the actor spelled his name when naming our favorite dog. I have probably used both spellings in the life of this blog. If he were our dog, I would know the spelling, but he is part of Trina’s family, and I have never asked her.He answers to either spelling and I guess that is all that really matters.

By the way, I’m submitting this photo, taken yesterday, to Leanne Cole for this week’s Monochrome Madness. This picture is different from most of my submissions. They are usually barns, or nature shots, or dilapidated buildings…or all three. But Marlon spent the weekend with us, and he wasn’t feeling well, so I chose this picture from the many I took of him, and added a sepia cast to the picture. It was one of the few I took where he wasn’t laying down. I have another picture where he actually looks happy, but I plan on using it, in color, for another post.

I hope you had a great weekend. If you live in the states, I hope you enjoy Columbus Day.

8 thoughts on “Marlon/Marlin

    1. It is a Federal Holiday, but for the most part it is only celebrated by government workers (who get the day off), and by members of the Knights of Columbus. Only in America can you celebrate the beginning of the subjugation of an indigenous population.

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