What the..?

Spring 1991
Spring 1991

This is another picture that I took with my Minolta 35 mm camera. This time, however, I know that I took it in the yard of our home in the spring of 1991. I have no idea, though, what the flowering bush or tree is.


Yesterday I was sitting in the family room with Marlin, Trina’s dog, and had the IU football game on the TV. I’m not really a football fan, so my mind wandered away from the game. My mind turned to a summer scene near the northeast coast of the U.S. It happened in 1977 or 1978. I was standing under a large tree in the yard of a large Victorian home. On the gravel driveway was a light blue 1965 MG. I was standing with another young man, dressed in khaki slacks, white shirt, and a seersucker jacket. There was jazz playing somewhere in the background. At that point I could feel the emotions, the happiness, that I remembered from that warm, sunny day.

It only took me a second or two to realize that it was a false memory. It never happened. I have no idea why that image, in all of its detail, came to me. Looking at it in ┬ámy mind today makes me think of a full-page color magazine ad for a car from that period. Except that I’m in it. That is very strange.

I would attempt to analyze it, but I don’t have the skills to do so. In that time period, in real life, I was working in Auburn, IN. I liked my job. My social life had its ups and its downs; maybe there’s a clue in that, but nobody from my real life appeared in the false memory. There was no dog in the memory, so I don’t think Marlin triggered anything. I don’t recall any aural or olfactory trigger. I am at a loss.

Hmmm. Trigger…Roy Rogers…I was listening to The Sons of the Pioneers yesterday morning. Do you think??? Nah, that isn’t it.

If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. Or, if you know what is in the picture, I would like to hear from you about that as well.