On the way to the library

A different view
A different view

I’ve used a picture of this barn before, but the photo was taken from a different angle. By the way, I took time to count the number of my posts where a picture of a barn appeared. There is a barn in 9% of my posts. If asked, I would have guessed that the number would have been closer to 15%. Sounds like I should be searching for more barns.


I had to return some items to the library yesterday. As I was driving there I had to make a right turn to get on the proper street. I followed the car ahead of me into the turn, and we soon came up behind a line of slowly moving cars. Well, that didn’t surprise me because it was late morning and the streets were usually inhabited at that time of day by delivery trucks and pensioners like me. We tend to drive slower than young people unless we have had more than our normal amount of coffee and are searching for the nearest public restroom.

I began to chafe at the delay but could do nothing about it. Then I noticed that all of the cars coming from the other direction had pulled to the side of the street. I immediately started checking my mirrors; looking for an ambulance, or a fire truck, or the city police in a high-speed chase. There was nothing; not a siren or a flashing light in sight. As I passed the cars sitting on the side of the road I saw that they started pulling away from the curb. That’s when I realized that I and the car ahead of me had come up behind a funeral procession. That calmed me down.

Funeral processions get a police escort that lets them pass through intersections against the lights. I saw that the car that I had followed turned on his hazard lights and I wondered what the problem was. Then I saw him follow the procession through a red light as if he, or possible she, was part of the funeral party. What brass!