The road less travelled

Autumn is here
Autumn is here

I went out for a drive yesterday after the rain stopped. I drove past the corn field that I have been documenting this year; but there hasn’t been much of a change since my last picture, except that the field is wet from the rain we have been having. So I drove on and found a road that I don’t recall ever being on before. After twisting and turning for quite a spell, I found an area of straight road and decided to take this picture. I like it enough that I set it as my wallpaper on the PC. I only wish I could have taken it when leaves were actually falling.


I realized yesterday that I have fallen into the habit of spending a large part of my day visiting the WordPress universe. When I’m not planning a post, writing a post, choosing a picture for a post, or publishing a post, I am reading other people’s posts. Occasionally I’ll even comment on someone’s post, or send an email to someone whom I follow and who follows me. Other things that need to be done are getting short shrift by me. I am starting to wonder if perhaps I need to take a break from WordPress.

It is easier to say/write that, than it is to do it. I have already started a draft for Monday’s post, which will include a picture for Monochrome Madness. I really don’t want to stop submitting a picture each week, so I almost have to keep in touch with WordPress for that reason. Then there is issue of not reading other blogs, because I get so much enjoyment when I read the words of some people. It is like sipping a fine wine, unless you are a beer person and then it is like chugging a brewski.

So let me ask you. If you spend a lot of time on WordPress, or Facebook, or Twitter, or some other social media, would you find it difficult to put them aside in order to do other things?

Perhaps I’ll declare one or two days a week as WordPress free days. Hmm. Which days should they be?