Something lighter

Harvesting the wind
Harvesting the wind

I took this picture while driving back roads home after visiting mom in the hospital on Saturday. I didn’t want to put up with the traffic on the Interstate. I know that many people are opposed to wind farms, but I think they are amazing. The living crops in this field has already been harvested, leaving only the perpetual wind.

This drive helped me stop worrying about my mom’s health, and wondering why people hallucinate the things that they do. It was warm, so I drove with the windows down. Who needs AC? That meant that I had to crank up the volume on the sound system. I must have been ready for a change of mood because I started singing along with the music after Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries finished playing.

First was a Jerry Jeff Walker CD. I sang along to this song not because it is great social commentary, but because it describes a life I wish I could have lived and the mood I wanted to be in. Jerry Jeff has updated this song any times over the years. I had a hard time deciding whether to use this song or London Homesick Blues or even Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother.I sang them all on Saturday .

By the time I drove into Brookston, I had a Frank Sinatra CD playing, and I was still singing. I was enjoying the music so much that I forgot that the sound volume was so high. So as I sat at Brookston’s stop light I was belting out with Frank I didn’t look around to see if I was being observed. I hope that I wasn’t.

Finally, just before I got home, I put in the Righteous Brothers, and sang along to this song I was strictly feel good music from when I was a teenager.

Yes, I have questionable taste in music. I’ve never denied that.But it helped to lighten my spirits.