It’s another barn

Round barn at the crossroads
Round barn at the crossroads

I spent a little time on back roads while driving home from Montgomery County yesterday. I didn’t realize that there was a round barn in the area, so when I saw this one I had to stop and take a picture. A year ago I would have cropped the stop sign from the picture, but today I feel that it adds to the image. Gosh, I’m getting artsy!

Round barn design in the U.S. has been attributed to George Washington; others say it was the Shaker religious movement. I don’t know who to believe. It has also been said that the Shakers used round barns so that the devil couldn’t get them in a corner. I like that story.

I am submitting this photo Leanne Cole’s ( Monochrome Madness. I enjoy trying to come up with an interesting picture each week. I am living proof that she accepts photos from non-professional photographers, though I feel the term “photographer” is too grand for me. I’m just a picture taker.