Words and pictures

Arizona 8/24/2014
Arizona 8/24/2014

I didn’t submit any of the pictures that I took while on vacation for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness posts. http://leannecolephotography.com I worked on a couple of pictures to use, but I didn’t like how either of them turned out, so I held off. Today it occurred to me the real reason I chose not to submit a picture. Let me try to explain it to you so that you understand the way my mind works.

First, for me, the words are more important to my blog posts than the image is. I know that it doesn’t always seem that way, but I do fancy that my writing is better than my photography. Feel free to disagree and my feelings won’t be hurt.

Second, there’s a quirk that I have. I feel (not think) that color photos have a sense of immediacy while monochrome photos are more about contemplation. I’ve never read that anywhere and I have nothing scientific to back it up; it is just the way that I view pictures.

For my vacation posts, I decided to use a picture each day that visually said something about that day. That meant that I would use a color photograph because I wanted to say, “This is now.” So that meant I would not submit a vacation photo for Monochrome Madness while those posts were running. Vacation is over and now I can look back and ponder some of the pictures I took. I can grayscale a few of them and look at them in a different way.

And now for a confession. I’ve identified this photo as being in Arizona. I’m not certain that it is in Arizona. We traveled from New Mexico through Arizona, Utah and into Nevada on that day. This picture was taken from a moving car, which meant that Cindy was driving, and that narrows it down to New Mexico, Arizona or a small part of Utah. I’m 80% sure that I took this picture with my cell phone while we were in Arizona. I’m sorry if I am wrong.

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