Vacation – Day 11

New Mexican montains
New Mexican mountains

We got up early so we could be on the road early. We took a different route out of Las Vegas because we wanted to avoid the mountains in Colorado. You can’t avoid mountains entirely between Nevada and Indiana, but you can minimize their effect on the psyche. So we first headed southeast to Kingsman, Arizona where we hopped onto Interstate highway 40 East. That stretch of the drive took about an hour and a half. Traffic was light and it was a beautiful day for driving. That was good because we planned on putting a lot of miles on the car.

We took I40 all of the way across Arizona, driving through Flagstaff area, which is pretty, and on into New Mexico. From Kingsman to the eastern state line took us around 5 hours since we stopped once to get gas and to eat…in that order. We continued to have beautiful weather, light traffic, and pretty scenery.

We crossed into New Mexico, staying on I40 until we got to Albuquerque. From there we took I25 north. As we passed through Santa Fe I realized that if we ever moved from Indiana, I could be happy living in most areas of the country. I had never thought of Santa Fe in that way previously, but the arid beauty of the area surrounding the city caught my fancy. I also know that there is a thriving artists community there. Though I am no artist, I wouldn’t mind being surrounded by people with an artistic bent.

We continued north on I25 until we decided to stop for the night. We had been on the road for another 3.5 to 4 hours since we crossed into New Mexico. Where did we stop? Why in Las Vegas, New Mexico. We have spent approximately 10 hours on the road driving from one Las Vegas to another.