Vacation – Day 10

Handsome lad
Fun with mirrors

We stayed in Las Vegas one extra day so that we could have more time with Wyatt, Michelle and Lee. They came to the resort in the morning and we all went down to the pool. There were no disreputable people there this time.

After spending time in the pool, Cindy did strike up a conversation with a stranger, a  woman who claimed to live on a mountaintop in Utah half the year and in Las Vegas the rest of the year. She told Cindy that she was a real estate agent, but didn’t explain how she could stay in business if she was gone six months out of the year. From what I overheard, I think that she was tying to sell Cindy another time share upgrade. Some days I wish that Cindy weren’t the friendliest person in the world.

We spent a few hours with them all, but then Michelle and Lee took Wyatt home so that he could take his nap. I don’t think that I can describe the depression that came over both Cindy and me when they left. It felt as if the sky had turned gray and that we were carrying around an extra thirty pounds. I tried to take a nap but I couldn’t fall asleep. Eventually I gave up and started packing for the trip home. Since we didn’t have as much time for the drive home, we planned on an early start in the morning.

Lee had told us that he used Tango rather than Skype, so I downloaded it to the laptop and tried to get it set up. I put Cindy on the laptop so that she could try it out, and after a few frustrating tries, we made the connection so that everybody could see and hear each other. Cindy was able to have a final farewell with Lee and Wyatt, and that helped a bit.

We then went back to the casino for dinner, and so that Cindy could play the slots for a while. There were no interesting people to observe this time. It was as if all of the mobsters had gone elsewhere on the strip. It was just as well. I didn’t want to be staring at them, wondering where they hid their guns.

When we had arrived at the resort we had been given a coupon book to use while we stayed there. One of the coupons was for $20 to use on the slots. I had to get one of their cards with the money loaded on it. I had to get it because Cindy already had a card from a previous stay. I turned my card over to her since I don’t enjoy gambling. She insisted, however, that I stay with her and watch. It was slightly more interesting than watching paint dry. I think she hoped that I would get the gambling bug and play the slots with her in the future. Sorry, Cindy. She did well on the machine and tried to cash out, but it only allowed her to cash out her winnings over the initial $20. Rather than quit and leave $20 on the card, she played until she got it down to 5¢. Still, we walked away with around $25 more than we started with. I’ll hold on to the card until the next time we go, and she can lose the final 5¢.

Tomorrow I’ll post about the start of our trip home.