Vacation – Day 9

The High Roller
The High Roller

Michelle and Lee were both able to take the day off, so they left Wyatt with a sitter and spent adult time with us. We drove to their home, and from there we went to a French restaurant for lunch. The food was excellent, and so was the conversation. I think that they enjoyed speaking in more than very simple declarative sentences outside of their work environments. Everything gets boiled down when speaking to a one-year old.

From there we went to see the movie November Man. They took us to a luxury theater where there are assigned seats that are recliners, and they sell beer and wine among the concessions. I must admit that I could get spoiled. As to the movie, we all enjoyed it. I seemed to be the only one who knew that the movie was based on a novel that was part of a series written by Bill Granger. I had read the books many years ago. The movie was based on the seventh novel, There Are No Spies. I’ll never understand why movie producers insist on taking a series of books and making the movies out of sequence. It upsets my innate sense of order. I suppose that points out the fact that I am a linear thinker. If I weren’t I would be posting about our vacation in a scattergun manner. And of course I wonder if they make a movie from the first book, what will it be called, because the book’s title is The November Man.

From the movie we went to ride on The High Roller. It is billed as the world’s highest observation wheel. At 550 feet, it is up there. I took a number of pictures from the cabin, but most of them have reflections in the windows, so I chose to use this picture from the LINQ promenade after our ride. I enjoyed the ride, but I suspect the views are more spectacular after dark. That is reflected in the change of ticket price between day and night.

We wandered along the promenade, window shopping and observing the people. There is a real cross-section of people living in and visiting Las Vegas. We saw hippies, dippies, chippies, people of all sexual persuasions, as well as a number of straight arrows. It was just like home, only it seemed…moreso.

We stopped at a restaurant for a light dinner. I have been eating good food on this trip, but I think the summer salad I had in that restaurant was my favorite meal of the trip. The avocado in that salad had the best texture and flavor of any in my experience, and the vinaigrette was the perfect complement to the greens and fruit.

Cindy and I had planned to leave Las Vegas the following morning, but we had enjoyed our time with the kids so much, we decided to stay another day. You’ll hear about that in tomorrow’s post.