Vacation – Day 7

Wyatt & Cindy
Wyatt & Cindy

Cindy and I got up early to drive over to Michelle and Lee’s place. It was our morning to babysit Wyatt, and we were both looking forward to spending quality time with him. He is almost a year old now, and he is probably the happiest baby I have ever been around.

The thing that I find most remarkable about him is that he is just as content playing with his toys by himself as when he is playing with his grandparents. Spending time with him is just pure fun. I wish he lived closer.

Lee got home from work in the early afternoon, so after he showered we were officially relived of our duties. Of course we didn’t leave right away because we also wanted to spend time with Lee. Let’s face it, we also enjoy spending time with adults.

After a while we left to go back to the resort. We had to get cleaned up and change before going to Treasure Island for the buffet and then the Cirque Du Soleil show. We, by golly, were not missing it after going through the time share ordeal. The only thing that would have kept us away was hospitalization.

We arrived and parked the car about two hours before show time. We found our way to the buffet, which was near the theater. There was a long line to get into the buffet, so I spent some time trying to overhear some of the conversations. It didn’t work, because we were surrounded by people who were speaking Italian. When we were seated we were also surrounded by Italian speaking people. It was like a tour bus miraculously drove from Italy to Las Vegas and disgorged the occupants into the shopping area of the casino.

A woman came to take our drink order, and then went to one of the tables beside ours. She was able to get most of their orders correctly, but it seems she misunderstood one of the men and brought him a root beer rather than a real beer. I can imagine his surprise when he lifted the dark drink with a good head to his lips and didn’t taste his fermented brew. He finally got what he wanted when the woman took him to the bar to choose his own drink.

On to the show. Cirque Du Soleil: Mystere. We have been to many different shows in Las Vegas. We have seen hypnotists, comedians, and musical shows. This turned out to be my favorite of the ones we have seen. Cindy prefers comics, but I liked this show.

We have friends who suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, and I’m not sure if this show would drive them crazy trying to focus on one aspect, or if they would love all of the simultaneous things that were going on. I had a ball. Was it worth the time share ordeal? No. But I’m glad that we went. I amĀ very glad that we went.