Vacation – Day 6

View from our suite
View from our suite

Somehow I missed taking any pictures on this day, so I’ve gone back to a picture I took from our room shortly after we arrived. We spent some time in that pool. Cindy was down there more than I. I am still sorting through the pictures that we took. When I have the ones I want to share in order, I’ll post them on Flickr.

We didn’t do much on our second day in Las Vegas. I took no pictures and I made no notes. We did call to have someone from maintenance come up because we couldn’t get the DVD player to work, and the garbage disposal was jammed. He arrived, fixed everything in a jiffy, and then left.

In case you’re wondering, I brought DVDs with us because I don’t gamble, and I knew that I would need something to while away some of my time. Cindy is the gambler in our household.

We did go to a movie later in the day. It was If I Stay with a lot of actors who I didn’t recognize. Every once in a while I give in and go to a movie that Cindy wants to see. It doesn’t happen too often because Cindy wants to see around 75% of the new releases. I don’t. This movie was OK, but based on the groans I heard from the audience at the end of the movie, my feelings about the flick were not universal. My ears tell me that it was about evenly split. Cindy liked it, however, and that is all that was important. I get to pick the next movie.