Vacation – Day 5


Here is the big reason we were eager to go to Las Vegas this year. Meet Wyatt, our newest grandson. He is a pure delight to be around. If it had been barren land all the way there and back, it would have been worth the drive just to spend time with Wyatt…and his parents, of course.

But, before we could spend time with him, there was an ordeal that we had to endure. Let me ask you, “Have you ever been involved with a time share presentation?” We have. We were originally lured into one in Vegas by the promise of free show tickets. We left the presentation with a monthly bill for the time share. At the time I thought it was a good deal since we go out there at least once every two years. We don’t have to stay with the kids, and it is a nice resort. Now I’m not so sure that it was a great deal.

Once you buy in you don’t have to sit in on any more presentations. But you are always offered the opportunity, and more free show tickets. This year the tickets were for Cirque de Soleil: Mystere at the Treasure Island casino, as well as a free buffet. That almost made it sound worth sitting and being pressured to upgrade. We had no intention to do anything but collect our free tickets. So we signed up for the Monday morning presentation.

We showed up on time, after a phone call to remind us. The sales associate who worked on us was from a different country, but I don’t remember which one. I felt it best to not to become too friendly. It is easier to say no when you are grumpy. He took us to a breakfast buffet which was nothing special. He told us about his personal life, and only mentioned the time share in passing. When we finished eating he took us to a model of the upgraded suites and then back to the area where the sales pitch takes place. Again he was friendly with no hard pressure, and we continued to say no. He wasn’t going to get seven yeses from us!

He seemed about ready to throw in the towel when he went to get the closer. She Was Scary! She was youngish. She had a nice smile. Her eyes were the size of half dollars. She never blinked. She talked so softly that I couldn’t hear her. When I told her that I couldn’t make out what she was saying, she didn’t raise her voice, she just leaned in closer and opened her eyes even wider. She still didn’t blink.

I think that they had just about convinced Cindy that upgrading was a good idea, when they broke it off and walked away, letting us regroup. But I could tell that Cindy kind of wanted to upgrade. So, and here is my confession, I told her that I would cover the closing costs from my private checking account if she would swear to arrange a private loan to escape the usurious interest rates that the time share people charge.  Darn it! She agreed. So we upgraded.

After we got that behind us, we went back to the resort and killed time until it was time to go see Wyatt and Michelle & Lee. We also got to see Michelle’s mother, whom was having a cook out,  and some other friends of theirs, but Wyatt was our main attraction. We made arrangements to babysit him later in the week. Spending time with the young one put a fine ending on a day where we went further into debt. Hey, it’s Vegas.

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