Vacation – Day 2


Pretty Kansas
Pretty Kansas

Our second day of travel started better than the first. While we needed to get to a specific place, Pueblo, Colorado, at a specific time, we didn’t feel that we had to rush. There would be time to stop and take pictures; to stop in a small town to eat lunch in a local restaurant; to enjoy the journey. It was also a beautiful morning.

I was never much of a fan of Kansas when I was a kid. I felt like it was just flat, featureless farm land. As an adult I’ve been able to see beauty where before I thought it was lacking.

How do I put this? Now I pay more attention to details when I look. I’ve always found beauty in big things like rivers and mountains, but now I can also see it in a drainage ditch or fallow field. Before I liked only landscapes, now I also like still lifes…so to speak; though it is a not quite accurate analogy. Also, while it was in the back of my mind as a kid and a young adult, I’m now aware of the melded beauty of earth and sky, as in the photo I’ve used today. By the way, I took this picture with my cell phone camera from a moving car (Cindy was driving). I liked it so much that I cropped it and used it as my phone’s wallpaper.

Back to our day. We travelled through Kansas, off of the Interstate highway system, for a good part of the day, trading driving duties when Cindy felt safe enough to let me drive. We passed many barns that, if at home I would have gone back and taken a picture of for the blog and for my own satisfaction.They were like barns in Indiana, only they seemed to be covered in dust.

We did make one stop at a McDonald’s©, mainly because they usually have very clean restrooms. It seems that the older you get, the more often you need to take advantage of those amenities. I took advantage. Imagine my surprise when the automatic flush mechanism failed to work. I was in luck, though, there was a backup button that I pushed and got the appropriate response. Being a somewhat sanitary person I went to the sink, put soap on my hands, put my hands under the automatic faucet, and no water came from the faucet. I  moved my hands back and forth, to and fro under the faucet, I circled my hands around the faucet, but no water sprang forth. I was in luck, however, because just then a janitor came in, saw my plight, and offered to help me. He was able to get a twenty second stream of water from the faucet before it once again went dry. I quickly scrubbed the soap off and went to the wall-mounted dryer since there were no paper towels. The air blower worked! Sing Hosanna!

We traveled on. Shortly after we crossed the State line and entered into Colorado, we ran into a rain storm that was accompanied by high winds. Cindy slowed to a safe speed as we continued towards Pueblo. After the rain ended, it seemed like no time before we reached the city. In Pueblo we met with our good friend Kipp for dinner on the River Walkway. Kipp had moved to Colorado less than a year earlier, and was truly enjoying his new job. It was fun spending time with him.

We would have spent the night in Pueblo, but the State Fair was on in that city and vacant motel/hotel rooms were non-existent. So we drove on for about forty-five minutes in the gathering darkness until we found a motel with a room. Thus ended our second day.