Rolling Prairie again – this time via music

Maxine and Molly
Maxine and Molly

I promise that is my last post about my recent trip to Rolling Prairie (RP). Today I want to take you on that trip through the music I listened to on the way there, and part of the way home to Lafayette.

I have mentioned many times that I often have a variety of music types on many of the CDs that I burn, and now I also fill flash drives with a variety of music. When I play the flash drives, I put the player on random shuffle. That’s what I did on my trip north.

I was going to fib and say that this was the first song that started playing as I backed out of the garage. It wasn’t. I was the second song, and I don’t remember what the first song was. This song was so appropriate for the day that I consider it the song that should have started the trip.

The highway north from Brookston to Monon runs parallel to the railroad tracks. I was happy to be on the road, and it seemed just right that this song came up on the shuffle about the time that I got to Chalmers. It would have seemed more appropriate if it had been dark when I heard it, but, alas, there was early morning sunshine going on.

From Monon to LaPorte there was a good mix of Diana Krall, Rare Earth, Dave Brubeck, The Byrds, Chicago and many others. I was even tempted to sing along with some of the vocals because I was in such a good mood. When I got to LaPorte I was less than ten miles from RP, and this Karla Bonoff song came on.

Now a short break from the music: The picture at the top is of Maxine and her dog.I had called Maxine to get directions to her home and the ferns that were waiting there. Remember the ferns? I put the address into my phone’s GPS and stared following directions. It was  the first time I had seen Maxine since my dad’s funeral, and I was very happy to see her.

At one point, when I was loading the ferns into the car, I glanced over and saw her staring at me. I must have had a quizzical look on my face because she said, “Normie, you look just like your dad.” OK, yes she still calls me Normie even though I’m in my mid-sixties…it’s endearing. It is also the nicest thing she could have said to me. I knew there was a reason that I liked her.

From her home in the country, I drove into RP proper, visited the graveyard, and drove around town and some of the surrounding countryside. I took some pictures and headed home.

Back to the music. I was about five miles south of LaPorte when this next song came on. I glanced at the gas gauge but saw that I had plenty of fuel to get home. I did seem to be approaching the empty mark emotionally, though, so the song matched my mood.

Post Script: There were enough phone calls received after this trip to fill a Ferns – Part 3 post, but I just want to put that in the past. There is still plenty of other drama going around. Perhaps I’ll post about that sometime in the future.

2 thoughts on “Rolling Prairie again – this time via music

    1. Thank you. I could have added more songs, but I was afraid afraid the post would turn into a sing-along. I appreciate your comment on my words, but I think that you are too kind. “Thanks again,” he said humbly.

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