One lane bridge

One lane bridge

Why would anyone choose an Interstate Highway when a road like this is available? I can say that because I’m seldom on such a tight schedule that I need high speeds. I’ll be on Interstates again, probably sooner than I would wish. Until then, these are the roads that I choose.


I know that I’ve mentioned in at least one previous post that there are some songs that demand your attention. By demand, I mean just that; you have no option but to stop and listen. You may even feel compelled to sing along if there are lyrics. We each have our own internal list of these songs. My list is very long because I’ve been around for a long time, and I like many types of music. I’ve just added a couple of songs to my list in the past few days, but I’ll not be writing about them today. Today is for songs that still make me think.

The Times They Are A Changin’

I could fill two or three posts like this one just with Bob Dylan songs. This song isn’t significantly better than any of the others, but I think that it somehow captures the political spirit that I was feeling around me, in the 1960’s, more than his other songs. The song speaks to youth, and these days when I listen to it, I have to remind myself that I am no longer in my teens or early twenties. In my mind, though, I hear it and again I don’t have to get out, I can lend a hand. In reality, however, if someone sang the song today, they would be singing to me. We get older, we get complacent.

Give A Damn

I was surprised when I first heard Spanky and Our Gang sing this song. I always thought of them as a group that sang pleasant pop love songs. I enjoyed their highly produced, top forty hits. This was different. They used their studio artistry to put out  a song that said as much about civil rights, and complacency, as anything else that I heard. I remember this song more than any of the others. I also play it often.


I said that these songs make me think. After listening to Stoney you may be asking yourself, “Just what is he thinking?” Well, it is a more lighthearted song than the other two. That doesn’t mean that I can’t think about the nature of friendship and shared experiences. I can think about mentors and other people who teach us life lessons. I can think about those who are a presence in our life even when absent physically. And I can think about a pillowcase filled with books by Durrell.

This isn’t my favorite version of Stoney, my favorite version is on a VHS tape buried either in a large plastic tote, or in a shoe box in the basement. I taped it from Austin City Limits many years ago. I wish they would release that particular show on DVD, I would snatch it up. Saying that, this YouTube video has a good version.

These are songs that I can’t just listen to playing in the background. I have to give them my attention.