Customer service

Interesting detail
Interesting detail

I was driving around in an unfamiliar neighborhood in Lafayette the other day, and saw this house. The painting above the windows caught my attention, and I felt that I had to take a picture of it. It is unusual to see a painting on a house in this town.


I took Cindy’s car in for servicing today. I found the waiting experience…different from most places where I’m waiting for a mechanic to complete the work. Perhaps I should tell you what normally happens around here.

In most of the places where I have taken our cars to be worked on, there is a small area set aside for customers to sit on hard plastic chairs, drink warm coffee (or wish that you could because half of the time the pot is empty), read provided magazines that are at best six months old (much like a doctor’s waiting room), or watch Fox And Friends on a small TV in the corner. That didn’t happen today.

Today I took the car to the auto dealership, which shall remain nameless. The waiting area was spacious with, the chairs had cushioned seats, coffee and hot chocolate were available, there was a copy of this morning’s local newspaper, and the Today Show was on the big screen TV. Nice? Right? Of course, there was also a music system pumping out Christian Rock, and I found that a bit disconcerting. I wonder how our local Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, agnostic, or any other faith brethren feel about that. Perhaps the dealer doesn’t need, or want their trade. Perhaps they are more tolerant, and it doesn’t bother them. I just found it a bit odd.

Normally I wouldn’t have gone to any of the owners dealerships to get a car, but Cindy wanted that particular make and model. Please understand that Lafayette is a small town and only had one dealership of each auto brand. Anyway, we had done business with another of this owner’s dealerships a number of years ago, and I didn’t like it. When we were discussing financing the car with one of the employees, I felt that we were not getting a good deal. This employee had recently come down from Chicago to run the financing operation of the dealership. He gave the distinct impression that he would gladly break my leg if I was ever late with a payment. We opted instead to finance the car through our bank.

The owner has also been known to call a meeting of all of the sales force at 2 or 3 in the morning, chew them out, and fire the underachievers. Maybe he has found religion since then.

Having said all of that, my experience this morning was pleasant. And I’m man enough to say so.

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