There’s probably a twelve-step for this

Corn field update
Corn field update

The corn is still growing.


I am addicted to books. There I have said it. Books are not your run-of-the-mill addiction, however. Unlike tobacco, booze, other drugs, or sex; books are good for you…if you read them. I truly believe that you can learn something from the worst of books. If nothing else, you learn to never buy another book by that particular author. That’s a lesson that I have learned more than once.

Books do have drawbacks. They especially have drawbacks if you buy them rather than borrow them. And they have even bigger drawbacks if you find that you can’t part with them after reading them. Cue your spouse saying, “Another bookcase?” I’ve heard that one as well.

I have had this addiction all my life. I still have the first book that was given to me when I was a young child. I would still have the earliest comic books that I ever bought (well, that an adult bought for me) if my mother hadn’t thrown them away. It has only been recently that I have been able to give away a few  of my comic books to my grandson, Mason. Of course, they are now his comic books, to do with as he wishes, because I gave up possession in the act of giving.

I’ve also found that I am now able to part with books that I am sure that I will never read a second time. That thought was unthinkable a decade ago. I started letting go of some books when my mother sold her house and I had to move a room full of books out of the basement. About two-thirds of them went into her garage sale where they were either bought or given away. I believe my former sixth grade teacher took all of my paperbacks of Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, and other Burroughs characters. I hope that he treasured them.

I don’t buy just any book or books (I seldom buy just one at a time). Most of the books that I buy now are mysteries, or biographies, or fantasy, or history, or general fiction, or science for the non-scientist, or graphic novels, or books about politics, or books of early comic strips, or books about words, or science fiction. I don’t buy romance novels. I almost always buy books that are on sale; so much of what I read is not quite contemporary. That’s OK, because if it is good, it stays good.

Is this where I have to start apologizing to everyone whom I’ve hurt due to my addiction to books?