Classical Gasbag – The Lost Posts 1

That's a long driveway
That’s a long driveway

If you enlarge this photo, you may be able to make out the house and barn setting back in the trees.  I’m glad that I don’t have to clear the snow from that driveway in the winter. It is likely that I would remain indoors and wait for the spring thaw.


Today’s post is made up of snippets of drafts I started, but never finished. This will give me the opportunity to clear out some things in my draft file that would, otherwise, never see the light of day.

First, I want to revisit a topic I first touched on around two years ago (Day 177, I believe). television commercials for catheters. I get the willies just thinking about catheters.

Recently there has been a commercial touting a “virtually pain-free catheter.” Since virtual is not the same as actual, that means that there is pain. I shudder/cringe every time a catheter commercial comes on TV; this commercial makes me laugh nervously.

The other day I saw an even newer commercial that offered the opportunity to send away for a sample pack of a variety of catheters. Boy, that’s just what I want to do! Yes sir, I’ll sample them…when pigs fly.


I heard a term on the news a little while back that I don’t recall hearing before, “The Japanese mainland.” That clanged on my ear because I know that Japan is composed of a group of islands. There is no mainland.

But just to check myself, I went to the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia, and looked up Mainland Japan, and found an entry. It seems that Mainland Japan was a term used fairly commonly before World War II. It referred to the main Japanese Islands. as opposed to Okinawa and Hokkaido. But, the term is seldom used anymore.

This leads me to suspect that the news copy was written by someone who thinks about the past more than I do. And that person thinks even further into the past than I do.


Finally I want to give you the recipe I devised for Pork fries rice. I was messing around in the kitchen one day, and I had a brain flash on making up my own recipe. I tried it, and Cindy liked the result. However, I’m not giving you the recipe because I forgot to write it down, and now it has escaped me. Sorry. It was good.