Another dream post

Another barn
Another barn

You can probably tell from the colors in this picture, that I took it while on my road trip. I was able to tweak this one back to a semblance of normalcy. It is better than the picture of the deer. I think that I’ll greyscale it to see how that looks.


Here is my strange dream (is there any other kind?) from last night/early morning:

I was watching a televised news show, and they were doing a segment on strange news stories. They were telling about an artist who had painted  a portrait or a landscape for each of forty-two friends or relatives. That was nice of him. The strange part was that he decided to deliver the paintings himself, taking them all at once…balanced on his head. They weren’t stacked horizontally, but were stacked on end so that they made a very tall stack indeed.

I had the good sense, even in the dream, to know that it had to be a hoax. Who helped him stack the paintings so precariously on his head? How could he have balanced them, especially if there had been any wind? There was also the question of how could a television network, or even a single station be taken in by such an obvious hoax? And why are there forty-two paintings? It didn’t make sense.

Of course I have no idea if the dream means anything. I told Cindy about the dream as I was getting my first cup of coffee this morning. I told her that I wondered if the forty-two paintings had any significance. She thought for only a moment and reminded me that I was forty-two years old when we got married. Well, that explains it all. The individual paintings, the balancing act, the…no, it doesn’t explain anything. I give her points, however, for coming up with a reason for the number in less than a minute.

If any of you can fabricate a meaning to the dream, please leave a comment so that we can all share it and marvel at your ingenuity.