One of my faults

Look at you look at me
Look at you look at me

I took this picture on my road trip last week. I thought I had corrected the problems with the settings on my camera, but obviously I hadn’t. I may return to the factory settings and then go about making changes in which I am confident.


When did I become a garrulous old man? The old part is easy; that’s just a function of staying alive. Garrulous? Me? Granted, I’m still pretty much a Silent Sam when speaking, but when I sit down to a keyboard, the words begin to cascade from my fingertips. By the way, did you know that I’m a two-fingered typist? I used to use two fingers and a thumb. And I could go on about that for a few more paragraphs, but who would that please other than myself?

It hasn’t always been this way. When I was in college my professors were always telling me to bulk up my papers. They didn’t feel that I went into the topic with the depth that they thought was due. Well, what do you expect from people who live in a “publish or perish” milieu? My feelings were “get in, make your case succinctly, get out.” I’m sure that the fact that I was using a manual typewriter, and that I am not the best typist (two fingers and a thumb, you know) who made many typos that needed either white out or correction paper, added to my brevity. For the young people reading this, a description of correction paper can be found at Oh, the trials that we had to put up with.

When I worked in the administrative office for Workforce Development I had to write some of the most mind numbing prose you will ever come across. I did my best to keep things short and simple, but my supervisors felt that in order for the writing to be seen as important, you had to make the wording convoluted. That way, when people called in from the field with questions, the supervisor could sneeringly say something like, “Oh, you didn’t understand that?” Or if they didn’t know the answer, they would blame me and turn the call over to me. It was a wonderful job. That’s isn’t entirely fair. I had two very good bosses while there. One left by choice and I left the other one for a different job…am I being garrulous?


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